B2C Business: Visibility = Transparency = Trust

Trust in corporations all over the world has never been lower. Successful organizations create a symbiotic relationship with their clients and develop that confidence because they have built trust into the foundation of their organization. Full transparency on how valuable client data is used, down to the attribute level, provides many benefits such as higher ESG investment appeal, reduced user liability risk, and access to user data not in the organization’s ecosystem. This also creates the advantage of having a massive differentiated market position as the leader in providing the social right of privacy to its clients.

One Creation’s DREAM™ fabric can help B2C organizations gain their customers’ trust by providing them with transparency. Our platform leverages Smart Contracts to automatically manage user consents by allowing them to provision data sharing at the attribute level. DREAM™ empowers your customers by letting them control, track, and trace their data lineage. With One Creation, you gain customer trust through transparency while proactively complying with ever-evolving regulations.



Embed One Creation mobile components into your existing mobile application.

Your consumers will have the ability to control and track their data lineage at their fingertips.

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