Intercompany: Control = Trust = Value

Enterprises that adapt well in the New Digital Era will survive longer. External sharing of corporate data is crucial for a partnership economy. Providing a secure, decentralized environment to facilitate cooperation in the digital economy is essential to providing an edge to any enterprise. 

One Creation’s DREAM™ fabric leverages Smart Contracts to control and enforce digital rights of the content that organizations share externally. Our solution encrypts, controls, and tracks the data lineage, providing you with transparency on how your data is being used and by whom


With our platform, organizations can set up their own enforcement rules at the attribute level and distribute data securely through our DREAM™ fabric. Our platform is location agnostic so you can keep your structured and unstructured data wherever it is without the need to modify it. Moreover, you can leverage our trusted SmartMarket to securely monetize your data.



Use One Creation as a digital rights marketplace. Invite your subscribers to a trusted and secure environment

Constituents of the organizations can connect to the Fabric through our RESTful API or simple SDK deployment to enforce your rules in a multidimensional ecosystem. Alternatively, register and login directly to One Creation GUI and add configurations to pull metadata from:

  • File(s)

  • Database(s)

  • Cloud data lake(s) 

  • Or a combination of the above

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