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Brands are challenged to collect deeper insights from consumers.
  • Brands DTC Strategy should be based on transparency, ability to aggregate insights, ability to trial and track consumer preferences. ​​

  • Customer-centric organizations struggle to gain direct access to customer data due to low levels of trust, loyalty, and privacy concerns. Some brand are disintermediated by the e-commerce retailers. ROI on marketing is very poor. No performance visibility.​

  • Regulations: The growing concerns for online privacy and the ways brands collect and use personal data is only going to become more regulated.​

  • System Constraints: A cookieless future! Google is expected to start to disable 3rd party cookies in 2024 giving users more access to managing their interests. Apple continues to update its IDFA tracking (Blocking cookies in iOS 17), giving more control to the user. Others are following.  ​

  • Customer's Trust: Transparency on how a business uses customer data positively impacts purchasing decisions, it is as important as price and delivery. Yet, 55% of consumers who shop at one brand are not loyal and would expect a value exchange to remain so.

Zero-Party Engagement

Clarity. Control. Comfort. 

Establish trust with your customers and double your marketing ROI. 

Purpose Based Marketing: collect deeper insights from your customers
  • Challenge: A cookieless future will make it more difficult to personalize your products and services for your customers. ​

  • Solution: One Creation solves this problem by adding an embedded permission-based marketing layer to your current customer experience through a user-friendly platform. ​

  • Value: Customers are seamlessly guided through a short marketing process with the option of receiving a reward in exchange for their data. This allows brands to collect valuable, new voluntary insights at any touchpoint on your customer’s omnichannel journey. Now any touchpoint can lead to a micro-conversation process that is transparent, incentivized, and trustworthy.​

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Dynamic Data Access Control

Large data-oriented organizations, especially those that operate in highly regulated industries, face common challenges related to time-consuming data extraction, unscalable and complex access rights policies, error-prone processes, high maintenance costs etc. As data volumes continue to increase, scaling control and protection to handle larger amounts of data and implementing a flexible and secure data access and sharing mechanism becomes even more crucial.

With our self-service Zero-Party Engagement tool sets, you can:


  • Easily setup dataset access rights and retention policies on the fly for distribution anywhere. This bypasses the need for technical resources resulting in significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and accuracy in data protection. 

  • By creating dynamically enforceable data sharing rules that determine who can access what, and for how long, organizations can ensure that authorized data recipients only receive the data they are allowed to access.

  • Track data usage to gain a clear and concise understanding of how data is being used and by whom.

  • Keep identifiable data encrypted during distribution and in-use, for additional security. 

Automatically Enforceable Time-Based Permissions

Organizations, especially those that are highly regulated, face significant risks from unintentional or malicious leaks of sensitive information. It can be difficult to track and control access to this data, increasing the risk of data breaches and damaging their brand reputation.  

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Our Zero-Party Engagement solution can protect and track the usage of sensitive data, including documents:


  • You can easily configure document location(s) to setup who can access what document and for how long.

  • When a document recipient attempts to access it, the policy that is wrapped around the document is automatically enforced. This helps ensure that only authorized users can access the protected information and see it for a specific period of time. 


  • In addition, you will be able to track who is accessing what documents and when, on a real time lineage map and through an audit report. This helps identify any potential risk or suspicious activity with a comprehensive audit trail for compliance purposes.

Deployment Options

Technology Choices

Our patented platform brings together 2 powerful technologies, Smart Contracts and Cryptography, to achieve interoperability with both centralized and decentralized ledgers. Experience the ease of our self-service GUI, seamless integration options, and simple button-click installation, making it a breeze to get started.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Public/Private Cloud (SaaS) 

  • On-Premises 

  • Hybrid 

Integration Choices

  • Restful API 

  • SDKs (Java, Python, C++) 

  • GUI (Ability to White Label) 

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