We Preserve Privacy

We help organizations overcome the sovereignty and governance barriers to data collection and distribution at scale in a secure and transparent way, eliminating misuse while establishing the utmost trust with their customers.

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Data Collection

Inability to collect data due to lack of trust and sovereignty barriers

How it works
Take control of your data

We're a Digital Rights Exchange that is location agnostic. This means that your data remains where it is.


We enforce the Digital Rights of data so that you know who the data owner is, who is using the data, and when they can see it. Most importantly, you are able to maintain full visibility of your data lineage!

We provide you with an extensive toolset giving you control at the highest level of granularity and secure access enforcement to your digital rights. You have the ability to monitor and track the usage of our valuable data.

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Share in a secure way

Our platform utilizes Smart Contracts (powered by DAML)  to fully automate at scale the control and enforcement of digital data rights. These Digital Rights Contracts are agreements that are automatically executed and enforced based on permissioning rights and governance rules.

Monetize your information

With One Creation, we help you with data and digital rights democratization in a secure way, and monetize from it in the meantime. One Creation allows you to quickly post, provision, set engagement rules and start selling and controlling your data. Simple, intuitive, and affordable. Your own branded automated data marketplace at your fingertips.

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Whether you are an enterprise or an individual, our platform is infrastructure, location, and data format agnostic, handling structured and unstructured data, distributed and complex systems, and real time streams. 

What Our Clients Say
" Using One Creation's Plug and Play Platform as a Service (PaaS), we can easily audit multiple data sources in a single SmartMarket,  control our data rights, and increase profits along the way. We're able to establish a strong brand image when we are compliant with data privacy laws and avoid any misuse of data rights. "

—  Multi-Billion Dollar Data Aggregator

About us

Led by experts and leaders in the Fintech industry who recognized that others were gathering and benefiting from data and decided to solve the problem of controlling and enforcing digital rights. One Creation provides the solution to a much needed demand by giving individuals and enterprises the ability to regain control of their data, monetize it, and do so in a safe and secure manner. 

What are you waiting for?
Take control of your data.

Our team of dedicated experts will guide you through the digital data jungle.