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We are on a mission to build
a trusted economy
using embedded privacy

One Creation removes privacy barriers and allows organizations to collect and monetize deep business insights ethically, establish their trusted brand, and increase customer loyalty. 

By embedding our lightweight privacy engine, organizations can provide data owners with transparency on where their data is being used and for what purpose, allowing them to remotely destruct it, and opt-in/out of data sharing.​
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Collect data with trust
  • ​Gain direct access to valuable insights securely while offering data owners rewards for sharing their data

  • Maintain their trusted brand by clearly showing data owners how their data is being used and for what purpose

Share data with confidence
  • Increase client loyalty and confidence that data is securely protected by providing data owners with the ability to fully or partially opt-in/out of sharing it

  • Automatically destruct data according to authorization rules

What our clients say
"Using One Creation's Plug and Play Platform as a Service (PaaS), we can easily audit multiple data sources in a single SmartMarket, control our data rights, and increase profits along the way. We're able to establish a strong brand image while remaining compliant with data privacy laws and are able to avoid mishandling of data rights."

—  Multi-Billion Dollar Data Aggregator

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Solutions tailored for your needs
Tell us a bit about your needs and find a tailored solution to help you collect data with trust and share it with confidence.
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