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Get To Know Your Audience, Personally.

One Creation is the zero-party customer activation solution for creating transformative consumer engagement that builds digital trust at every point in your customer journey, regardless of your industry.

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With the upcoming "cookie-pocalypse" and disappearance of third-party data collection, zero-party data and permission-based marketing are the best way to continue learning about your customers and build meaningful, hyperpersonalized relationships.

Why zero-party data?​

  • Best in class data directly from consumers

  • Higher customer activation

  • Powerfully efficient marketing campaigns

Survive the "cookie-pocalypse"

One Creation's Zero-Party Engagement Platform helps brands and retailers build better relationships with customers, increase campaign ROI, and 10x their understanding of customer needs through permission-based marketing.

Embeddable Permission-Based Marketing

Embed One Creation to create a cohesive customer experience within every stage of your marketing lifecycle. 

Time-Based Permissions

Give customers control over who gets the data they share, clarity into what it's used for, and comfort in knowing when your access to that data expires.

Contextual Rewards

Offer point-of-share rewards to consumers who share their data.

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Find out how One Creation can work for your company.


Survive the "cookie-pocalypse"

One Creation helps build meaningful relationships between your company and the people it values most through zero-party engagement that personalizes every step of your customer's jouney. 

  • Gather high-quality insights, straight from the source. 

  • Powerfully efficient marketing campaigns that know your audience.

  • Boost customer activation and build consumer relationships designed to last. 

The zero-party engagement platform where trust is a verb.

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Embed OC in your product to provide a personalized way to get to seamlessly get to know your customers."

ENGAGE (Step 2)

Create custom campaigns to interact with customers and learn more about their preferences over time.


Create unique customer profiles with fully customizable data model and segementation.

CONNECT (Step 4)

Provide personalized services, experiences, products, and content. 

Make anonymous visitors known users.
Convert known to users
engaged  consumers.
Make engaged consumers loyal 

Survive The "Cookie-Pocolypse

With the upcoming “cookie-pocalypse” and disappearance of 3rd party data collection, marketers need to evolve if they want to continue learning about their customers and build meaningful, personalized relationships. The best way to do that is through zero-party data collection and permission-based marketing.

  • Best in class data directly from consumers

  • Higher customer activation

  • Powerfully efficient marketing campaigns

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Why Zero-Party Data?

Embedded Permission-Based Marketing

Time-Based Permissions

Contextual Rewards


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