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Ethical Consent - The Move From Legal Compulsion to Ethical Obligation

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

If you have traveled outside of the USA in the last few years, you most likely felt the effects of GDPR while trying to surf the internet (a global data protection act that originated in the EU but has been adopted worldwide). The pop-ups for consent are relentless but you press them, desperate for your #content.

If you want to trade with the EU, you need to comply with its edicts. Companies have spent billions doing so and several high-level fines have been levied on companies that have ignored or violated this regulation.

Privacy is a part of the G in ESG, Governance. However, we claim that Privacy is a human and social right and therefore should be its own category, P! From an investment perspective it certainty has created a category of investments and the technologies of the future are defined by the “Internet of me”, hence inherently the right to privacy.

To be practical, the near-term regulatory pendulum is swinging towards providing much more control of privacy for the individual and expanding the transparency requirements related to using or sharing our data. Most new protection laws reflect this stating there is: the right to have a clear, concise, and revocable expressed consent to use our data. We should be able to destruct data remotely, know exactly what it was used for, by whom and for how long. That environment would create #trust. Moving to the next level of data sharing, the custodian of your data should reward you for sharing your data and even the keel in a #proportional yet ethical manner.

Forward-thinking corporations and non-profit organizations take an extra step and transform the legal obligation of privacy laws to focus on the ethical mechanisms that transact with customers.

Corporations that want to increase their #brand #trust, receive higher #ESG scores and lower regulatory risk should consider this approach to privacy and gain an edge on their #competition using #Ethical#Consent privacy regimes with One Creation Corporation.



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