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Data and Digital Rights Monetization Through Control

One Creation - a revolutionary platform providing a Decentralized Digital Rights Exchange Fabric (DDREF): tools to control, enforce and monetize your data digital rights. We provide enterprises and individuals in all industry segments a Platform-as-a-Service application, built using sophisticated and patented components.

Put a GPS on your digital rights. Monetize your data by establishing controls that monitor their authorized usage and track your data as it’s being used across multiple disparate ecosystems.


One Creation’s patented technology has been built utilizing sophisticated smart contracts enabling a secure and resilient multi-dimensional Digital Rights Exchange Fabric services. Providing granular, attribute level, enforcement and automatic consent of your digital rights through one decentralized platform.  



Attribute Level Provisioning and Consent Management

Who can see my data? How can they see it? What data can they see? When can they see it?


Utilizing multiple levels of encryption, masking, watermarking, and party identification mechanisms. We provide you with an extensive toolset giving you control at the highest level of granularity, and secure access enforcement to your digital rights. Users have the ability to monitor and track the usage of their valuable data.



Our platform utilizes Smart Contracts (powered by DAML)  to fully automate at scale the control and enforcement of digital data rights. These Digital Rights Contracts are agreements that are automatically executed and enforced based on permissioning rights and governance rules.The contracts also facilitate secure data sharing allowing subscribers to only see the data that the rules say they are allowed to see. Having full automation of all Data Management Workflows through Smart Contracts establishes a safe and secure Data Rights Network in a SmartMarket.


Rapid Monetization and Cataloging (Location Agnostic)

Whether the data is residing in your data lake or ours. One Creation allows you to quickly post, provision, set engagements rules and start selling and controlling your data. Simple, Intuitive and affordable. Your own branded automated data marketplace at your fingertips. Distribute data through your own Data Rights Networks (DRN)

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Multi-Billion Dollar Data Aggregator

Using One Creation's Plug and Play Platform as a Service (PaaS), we can easily audit multiple data sources in a single SmartMarket, gain control over our data rights, and increase profits along the way. We establish a strong brand image when we are compliant with data privacy laws and avoid any misuse of data rights.

Medical Research Center

Using One Creation’s SmartMarket as a service, we were able to retain more control over how our composite research was being distributed. At the same time, our test subjects gained control and transparency on how we were using their data in the composite results. Inviting contributors and regulators to our new Digital Rights Network increased our research capacity while tightening the ecosystems of data consumers. This created new opportunities for data collaboration that were previously not available. 

Client 5

Multinational Financial Services Corporation

As a global financial institution with a large number of complex systems, we have massive amounts of data spread across multiple regions. Data is stored in thousands of databases on discrete infrastructures in different representations. We didn’t have a holistic view of who was using what data and how. With One Creation’s data rights enforcement, tracking, and secure data delivery, we not only gained insight into our internal data usage, we were able to create an internal DRM Marketplace and satisfy data protection requirements. 


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