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Data monetization through control 

One Creation is an enterprise platform as a service that allows both individuals and companies to regain control of their data, monetize, and seamlessly distribute data at scale through a bot operated secure data supply chain


Data monetization with control means that One Creation allows you to track your data as it's being used across multiple disparate ecosystems. Put a GPS on your data and then set controls on who can see what of your data and for what reason. 



What We Offerfe

Data Monetization requires four levels of automation:


Access Control

Who can see my data? How can they see it? What data can they see? When can they see it? Utilizing multiple levels of encryption and party identification mechanisms, We provide you with the safest and largest tool set both built in and 3rd party to provide the highest level of granular encryption per set of data 


Usage Control

Who is using my data? Where are they using my data and for what purpose? Never before has data tracking and watermarking been so easy to implement. Available End - End multi layered encryption and masking tools offered by the platform are fit for any data use case. Moving control back to the enterprise and the individual 


Workflow Automation

Automated data governance, provisioning and rules enforcement. Automated onboarding & invoicing. Utilizing our Smart Contract DAML layer, we achieve multiple levels of workflow automation, data provisioning rule enforcement and the atomic exchange of data for value $$. The smart bots facilitate sharing data at scale


Rapid Monetization

Whether the data is residing in your data lake or ours. One Creation allows you to quickly post, provision, set engagements rules and start selling and controlling your data. Simple, Intuitive and affordable. Your own branded automated data marketplace at your fingertips. Distribute data through your own Data Rights Networks (DRN)

An Impressive Portfolio of Clients

Success-Driven Partnerships

Multi Billion Dollar Data Aggregator

Using Creation's Plug and Play Platform as a Service, we are able to give our clients more control over their data and make some $$ on the way. Our relationships with our clients improved dramatically when we stopped auditing them for any misuse of data rights contracts. 

Medical Research Center

Using Creations Data Supply Chain as a service, we were able to retain more control over how our composite research was being distributed. Inviting contributors and regulators to our new Digital Rights Network increased our research capacity while tightening the eco system of data consumers. This created new opportunities for data collaboration that were not available before 

Global Asset Manager 

Using the One Creation PaaS, we were able to provide our board members with realtime tracking of how our data is used by 3rd party vendors including our own fund administrator and custodian. This enabled us to share data securely and create new monetization strategies for our data.


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