Intracompany: Visibility = Lineage = Transformation

Are you on the hook for proving compliance to internal data usage policies under the ever-evolving regulations? One Creation’s DREAM™ fabric is an easy, secure, and scalable solution for large organizations with complex and disparate data.


We re-organize data by centralizing metadata without actual data migration. We can connect to any data infrastructure, encrypt, control and enforce data usage policy, as well as track data lineage by leveraging Smart Contracts to automate this process.

After organizations set up their own data and provisioning governance rules at the attribute level, our platform enforces and tracks the data’s digital rights accordingly and securely. While tracking your data you’ll have a view of its lineage as it moves throughout your organization including the ability to see who is using it and for what purpose. Our platform is location agnostic so you can keep your structured and unstructured data wherever it is without needing to modify it in any way.



One Creation acts as the gatekeeper positioned between your data and your data consumers.

We connect to your LDAP for user verification.

Option I - GUI/no-code:

Use One Creation as an internal data catalog. Register and login directly to One Creation GUI and add configurations to pull
metadata from:

  • File(s)

  • Database(s)

  • Cloud data lake(s) 

  • Or a combination of the above

Option II - API:
Make simple RESTful API calls to:

  • Create and retrieve the data rights enforcement rules from
    One Creation

  • Apply the rules to datasets to receive provisioned data 

  • Receive encryption instructions

  • Apply the encryption instructions to provisioned datasets

Option III - SDK on-premise deployment:

  • Login to One Creation GUI and download our SDK into your desired programming language

  • Install it in your own cloud environment

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