Our mission is to create
a trusted ecosystem
using embedded privacy

We help organizations overcome the sovereignty and governance barriers to data collection and sharing, eliminating misuse while establishing trust.

All organizations want to access more data, but there are 2 big barriers:
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Data Collection

Inability to collect data due to a lack of trust from users and sovereignty barriers.

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Data Utilization

Challenges in governing fragmented data across boundaries

Our solution
Through Embedded Privacy, One Creation helps organizations overcome the sovereignty and governance barriers that impact data collection and distribution.


Collect data with trust
  • Establish trust visually

  • Allow customers to revoke data any time, any place, regardless of where it moves

  • Allow customers to monetize consent data


Share data with confidence
  • Mitigate the risk of data redistribution


  • Dynamic role and attribute based authorization (ABAC)

  • Cross-boundary policy enforcement at scale using Homomorphic Proxy Re-encryption

What our clients say
" Using One Creation's Plug and Play Platform as a Service (PaaS), we can easily audit multiple data sources in a single SmartMarket,  control our data rights, and increase profits along the way. We're able to establish a strong brand image when we are compliant with data privacy laws and avoid any misuse of data rights. "

—  Multi-Billion Dollar Data Aggregator

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