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Data Privacy is a social right!
Let us protect it for you and your customers.

One Creation’s embedded privacy solutions help organizations ethically collect, share, and monetize data, leading to the strengthening of their trusted brand, and increased customer loyalty. 

What we do
Establish campaigns to collect granular expressed consent ethically

Delegate control of data and allow data owners to opt-in to data sharing to receive rewards and view the rule enforcement in action while having the option to withdraw consent at any time. 

Curate, authorize and trace data using self-enforcing, event driven and attribute-based data sharing rules 

Securely wrap data assets to provide usage tracking, time-based expiration, lineage mapping, and dynamic authorization across multiple data sources. 

Our solutions have helped organizations across many industries.
Dive deeper and explore our case studies. 

Learn how our technology wraps data inside of a secure wrapper. 

Discover our solutions here.

Learn more about how One Creation is building a trusted data economy using embedded privacy. 

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Don’t just take it from us.
Here’s what our clients are saying.
"Using One Creation's Plug and Play Platform as a Service (PaaS), we can easily audit multiple data sources in a single SmartMarket, control our data rights, and increase profits along the way. We're able to establish a strong brand image while remaining compliant with data privacy laws and are able to avoid mishandling of data rights."

—  Multi-Billion Dollar Data Aggregator

Our Partners
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