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Data privacy laws can be crippling if ignored. These laws operate at the international, federal, and state levels. They also impact specific industries like healthcare (HIPAA), financial services (GLBA), and biometric data collection (BIPA). 

If your organization values transparency and customer trust, the goal is to be in compliance with the strictest version of each law. One Creation helps you become friendly with privacy laws and address the principles they’re based on within each step of your customer journey.


Become compliant with data privacy laws

Address the principles behind each privacy law

One Creation seamlessly integrates with your existing customer journey to deliver transparent, hyper-personalized experiences that address the foundational principles of data privacy legislation. To name a few:
  • Transparency: One Creation campaigns enable you to explicitly outline the collection, use, expiration, and transferability of data
  • Storage Limitation: Our time-based permissions feature ensures customers know when their data will expire and prevents their data from being used after its expiration.
  • Data Breach Protection: Protect your customers’ data with the best cybersecurity and security practices, regardless of what type of data they’ve shared with you.
  • Contextual Data Collection: Embed One Creation’s consent campaigns within your customer journey at the most contextual, customer-desired points

More transparency.  More control.  More rewards
One Creation.

Find out how One Creation can work for your company.

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