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Intracompany: Visibility = Lineage = Transformation

  Is your data stored, replicated, and distributed everywhere?

(   Is data lineage important to you?

(   Are you on the hook to provide valid proof that you are enforcing

     privacy concerns inside your organization?

(   Are you spending too much money organizing and controlling your
     data across many different systems?

Intercompany: Control = Trust = Value

  Do you intend to securely share sensitive enterprise data with your
     clients or constituents?

  Do you want to track data leakage and control your data beyond
     the first level of consumption?

  Would you like to send out encrypted data from your organization?

  Do you intend to monetize your data in a trusted Marketplace?

B2C Business: Visibility = Transparency = Trust

  Do you struggle with stale and incorrect user information?

  Do you want to provide your users with detailed data usage transparency?

  Do you want to assure your users that you aren’t misusing their data?

  Would you like to reduce the regulatory burden of maintaining your
     clients’ data?

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