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Embeddable Permission-Based Marketing

Revolutionize your marketing lifecycle with One Creation's embeddable solution

Embed One Creation within every stage of your existing marketing lifecycle instead of developing it yourself or paying a second party to collect the data for you. We seamlessly integrate into your marketing processes, saving you time and resources.

Transform your marketing strategy. Say goodbye to data collection headaches and embrace a new era of customer engagement, trust, and ROI.

Progressive Consent

Introduce additional customer touchpoints along the journey

Progressive consent is at the heart of our solution. It empowers you to introduce additional consumer touchpoints along the customer journey, at the most contextual moments, enhancing engagement while respecting your customers' preferences.


Build trust by giving customers control over their data. 

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Cohesive Customer Experience

Build trust, boost retention, lower costs

Create a cohesive customer experience that builds compounding long-term trust and retention. Our solution not only lowers customer Cost Per Acquisition but also reduces overall marketing spend.


Watch your ROI soar as you nurture lasting relationships.

Contextual Personalization

Transform marketing ROI with contextual, personalized data.

Increase customer engagement and transform marketing ROI with contextual, personalized data collection that's embeddable within your branding environment.


Tailor your messaging and offers to each customer, making every interaction count.

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I think they've hit the nail on the head. The average person wants to control, to know why they're giving [their data], and comfort in knowing it will be deleted.

Jennifer, 53

Key Benefits


Embed seamlessly into your existing marketing proceses without disruption.


Progressive consent and transparent data usage foster trust with your audience.


Lower customer acquisition costs and reduce marketing spend while improving ROI.


Engage customers on a personal level with tailored messaging and offers.

More transparency.  More control.  More rewards
One Creation.

Find out how One Creation can work for your company.

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