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Time-Based Permissions

Give customers control of data with time-based permissions

With time-based permissions, create a new paradigm in the way your customers understand and manage their data.

One Creation notifies your customers when their data is about to expire. This gives you a greater opportuity to establish trust over time. 
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Take control of your data. At One Creation, data ownership is in your and your customers’ hands,
not ours.

Shift the Data Usage Paradigm

Offer data transparency instead of ambiguity

Create an ahead-of-the-curve paradigm shift in the way your customers understand how their data is used.


No more data ambiguity. Instead, ditch the black box and provide crystal-clear insights into your brand’s data utilization.

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Give Customers Ultimate Control

Notify customers when their data will expire and what it's used for

Put your customers in the driver's seat and offer them ultimate control over the data they share.


Customers decide who receives their data, understand its purpose, and remain confident that its usage has an expiration date.

Key Benefits


You and your customers have full ownership of the data, ensuring data security and compliance.

Trust &

Build trust by giving customers clear insights into data usage and control over permissions.

Data Lifecycle

Effortlessly manage data permissions with preset expiration dates, streamlining data governance.


Empower customers with control over their data, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

I love this. If they wanted to use [my data] for longer, they're still giving me a choice. The communication is absolutely awesome.

Joshua, 30

More transparency.  More control.  More rewards
One Creation.

Find out how One Creation can work for your company.

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