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New Experience: Introducing One Creation’s Customer Preference Wallet

One Creation Customer Preference Wallet data web view

Collect and store consumer preference data in one place with One Creation’s customer preference wallet!

What is a Customer Preference Wallet?

The customer preference wallet collects data from every preference campaign or offer your brand runs and stores them in one place. This makes it easy to know what preferences each customer has given your brand access to, analyze their preference history, and keep track of when each customer’s preferences expire.

Preferences are broken down in two types:

  1. New preferences

  2. Confirmed existing preferences

Each preference type can be seen within your preference wallet and is has three components:

  1. Clarity: What preference data was shared and who has access?

  2. Transparency: What is the data being used for?

  3. Control: Customers can update the preference information they’ve shared with your brand (e.g. their email address) and even change who the data is shared with (e.g. stop sharing with one partner in favor of another).

In addition to the ability to update and confirm existing preferences, One Creation’s preference wallet also offers a time feature that allows you to see when preferences are set to expire and send extension offers that customers can then accept.

How it Works

One Creation’s API works within any point of your customer journey and without cookies to collect customer preferences and present offers for sharing data with your brand. From there, the preferences you’ve collected are stored in real-time within your existing CDP, CRM, or downstream data lake and mapped out in what we call a “chain of custody.”

The “chain of custody” is visualized using differently sized circles, with the circles becoming smaller as data becomes more granular. When a customer preference is set to expire, One Creation’s customer preference center enables you to send an extension offer, refresh customer consent for that preference, or archive the data and send a message downstream alerting necessary stakeholders.

Once a customer preference expires, One Creation automatically encrypts the data, restricts access to it, and updates connected campaigns and stakeholders on the new preference status.

Make the Most of Your Customer Preference Center

Let’s recap. One Creation’s Customer Preference Wallet is a great way to streamline consumer data collection and analysis, but can also help you achieve your business goals:

  • Enhance consumer trust through increased transparency and control

  • Improve the accuracy of targeting and personalization

  • Drive sales and improve overall business outcomes

There are tons of examples out there, but brands looking for initial inspiration and an easy way to get started can take advantage of these examples.

One Creation Template 1: Collect New Preferences

One Creation Template: Collect New Preferences

Use this template to create a campaign that engages audiences and collects new preference data in an engaging, user-friendly way.

One Creation Template 2: Confirm Existing Preferences

One Creation Template: Confirm Existing Preferences

Use this template to confirm existing consumer preferences, alert customers when their data is about to expire, and create data extension offers that create compounding trust through progressive consent.

Ready to Get Started?

Existing One Creation users can access their customer preferences wallet at any time in the app. Or, if you are new to One Creation – book your demo today! Get started with our easily embeddable API, then start designing your preference collection offers immediately.



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