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Ethical Hyper Personalization: The Future of Intent-Based Marketing

“Accept all cookies” has become a part of our way of surfing the net for a while now. Countries that have already passed stringent privacy laws have gone further by making vendors ask you for your “consent.” Yet, we all press the button within seconds because we are compelled to use a service or simply just read the news. The reason “consent” is in quotations is that we still do not trust the internet and how companies are attempting to collect and use our data. In fact, we feel violated. And, if you press the “more info” button, you now see that your data has been shared with hundreds of companies and data brokers without your explicit knowledge.

We have an untrusting relationship with our brands because we don't really have a say in this game, yet we are not in control of this equation, and we have no clarity as to where our data goes, who is using it, and for how long. This is the essence of #mistrust. The brands, on the other hand, are yearning to be trusted, but their actions speak otherwise with the way they treat you like a product and think they are your data “owners” rather than your data’s custodians.

As a result of this relationship, brands that typically produce products that are sold using a linear business model face disintermediation from customers, and their insights do not include genuine feedback about customer trust. Along comes One Creation, whose solution allows brands to take a different approach to marketing. This approach resembles the notion of Web 3.0, the internet of “me”! We are spearheading a new category of intent-based marketing.

One Creation allows organizations to imagine newly added value services that will differentiate their brand and include the need to share insights across multiple industries and brand vertices while keeping the customer in control of the data used. Brands can now send campaigns to customers asking for their consent to use their data under strict yet clear “express consent” guidelines such as, “We intend to offer you this new service but need your consent to share your data with our partners for a period of 1 month”.

This type of marketing opens opportunities for so many cross-industrious use cases. Nutrition industries with wearable industries, consumer goods with airlines etc.; every party in the One Creation ecosystem is fully compliant with current and future regulations. Rather than being blocked from data not consented to, consumers are given the option of sharing their data in exchange for an added value incentive. This turns your linear brand business model into a trusted two-way feedback loop.

Hyper-targeted products and services minus the feeling of being violated or taken advantage of are the way of the future, and brands that adopt this method will be the leaders in their industries.



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