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Progressive Consent – Pioneering Ethical AI Personalization

This is not just another article on AI; it delves deep into the realm of brand marketing and the profound challenges of ethically integrating AI for our collective benefit while also dispelling any uncertainty.

Much has been discussed regarding the perils AI poses to humanity, but at its core lies the fear of the unknown. AI models often resemble enigmatic black boxes, raising concerns about potential coder bias and, more importantly, how they will tailor our experiences and influence our lives.

Consider this: a staggering 70% of consumers now prefer personalized messaging over the inundation of generic marketing across their communication channels. In fact, personalization has become so vital that in the financial sector the United Kingdom has made it a legal requirement. Financial institutions are now obligated to act in good faith, mitigate foreseeable harm, and actively assist customers in achieving their financial goals.

The crux of the matter lies in incorporating these technologies into an increasingly stringent privacy landscape and adapting to a generational shift in customers' expectations regarding control and transparency in the personalization process. In this context, we introduce a pivotal concept—Progressive Consent, a term recently coined by Ray Velez at Publicis Sapient.

Demystifying the Personalization Loop

Before going any further, let's demystify the "Personalization Loop." Imagine a pizza brand that collects first-party data on a customer named John, who purchases two plain pies every Friday at 6:30pm. The brand then sends John coupons on Tuesdays and Thursdays to entice mid-week purchases or offers discounts on Fridays that bundle any purchase with a Coca Cola product. John's experience feels personal, but is that the extent of it? Now envision an AI model seamlessly integrated into your Customer Data Platform, tailoring new products and campaigns based on continuously gathered insights and customer traits—a perpetual cycle of insights and personalized services.

The hitch with the Personalization Loop is its reliance on an increasing stream of profound insights from consumers that are cumulative. The opacity around these models exacerbates consumer mistrust as we venture deeper into the realm of hyper-personalization.

Enter the revolutionary concept of Progressive Consent. Currently, requests for consent typically occur during onboarding, where customers sign off on terms and conditions in a one-and-done fashion. However, this approach presents two glaring issues. First, it risks forfeiting a substantial portion of potential consents with approximately 35% of the population now classified as privacy-conscious individuals who actively block marketing consents. Notably, 98% of Apple users have blocked at least one or all app tracking requests, with iOS17 taking the bold step of blocking all cookie collection. Second, burying marketing consents deep within the labyrinth of terms and conditions leaves customers feeling violated when breaches occur.

Progressive Consent introduces a paradigm shift that aims to cultivate insights and customer traits throughout their journey with a brand. It's no small feat as it hinges on trust, incentives, and fostering a multifaceted relationship with customers at various touchpoints. It embeds transparency, grants control, and offers rewards, encouraging consumers to willingly participate in this transformative game.

Add Ethical AI Personalization to Your Customer Journey

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