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One Creation Corporation Closes Oversubscribed Seed Round to Further Its Data Digital Rights Solutions

August 26th, 2021

One Creation Corporation announced today that it has successfully closed its seed round capital raise and is now well-positioned to go to market with its novel system to manage, monetize and enforce valuable data rights assets.  One Creation’s innovative service empowers and enables the user to control its data in new ways by applying cutting edge technology at the intersection of data rights and data privacy.

“One Creation effectively attaches a GPS-like solution to the user’s data. Our system creates both transparency and establishes trust in the data ecosystem”, stated Zohar Hod, founder and CEO of One Creation. “Data democratization trends and the need for data to be in a constantly encrypted state creates massive challenges as we transition into the new data economy”. Mr. Hod continued: “Our solution has embedded enforcement mechanisms that exhaust analytics, provide real-time data lineage and generate granular usage patterns both inside and outside the enterprise. We address the fact that data privacy is quickly becoming a primary issue and objective in enterprises’ ESG investability and has a dramatic impact on customer acquisition, retention, trust and loyalty.”

One Creation provides solutions to the missing pieces in the new data economy: transparency and control of data ownership and mobility through its proprietary DREAMTMtechnology (Digital Rights Enforcement and Management). Continual data encryption and real-time policy enforcement provides enterprises with complete sovereignty over their data.

About SixThirty Ventures

SixThirty is a global venture capital firm that works with bold technology entrepreneurs on big ideas in the fintech, insurtech, privacy, and digital health sectors. Named as an homage to the height and width of the St. Louis Gateway Arch (630 feet), SixThirty believes collaboration is the heart of innovation and disruption. Their unique platform brings startups and institutions together to collaborate, creating a force multiplier for both.

“One Creation’s solution is not only groundbreaking for enterprises looking to aggregate and control the use of their data of which they have custody of; it also enables the data owner to take control of how their data is shared and monetized” notes David Fairman, SixThirty CISO-in-Residence. He continues, “built on the idea of trust through control, One Creation is a critical solution for any company that’s looking to thrive in the new data economy.”

Other participants include GFT Technologies SE (GFT.DE), MGV Capital Group, as well as others.

About GFT

“We truly believe that especially banks and insurance companies can monetise data better than most of them do today,” stated Marika Lulay, CEO of GFT. “This seed round reinforces our trust in the growth opportunities we identified when we became a minority shareholder early on. As global IT solutions experts, GFT co-developed the One Creation platform and also offers clients valuable sector knowledge to smooth the implementation process.”

About MGV Capital

MGV Capital Group is a venture capital firm that partners with exceptional founders applying computer science to solve some of the world’s most complex problems at scale. MGV specializes in fintech, consumer, and B2B software & services, enabling massive growth for seed-stage digital ventures.

“Data and content generated by enterprises and individuals are continuously being misused, abused, and shared without consent or control,” said Mariano Gonzalez, MGV Capital Group’s Founder and General Partner. “These data violations not only obstruct the freedom of individuals but also cost businesses billions of dollars in sanctions. One Creation is changing how digital rights are handled and used, empowering rightful owners to regain control.”

One Creation already has demonstrated traction with large enterprises in multiple business sectors, including banking, insurance, exchanges, large retailers, and technology vendors.

“Privacy is a social right and an opportunity,” added Mr. Hod. “We’re honored to be joined by likeminded trailblazing investors and visionaries who are passionate about building a solution to a problem that affects everyone.”

Press Contact:

One Creation Corporation

Felicia Repsher


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