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One Creation Selected to join The World Economic Forum’s Data for Common Purpose Initiative

May 25th, 2021

One Creation has been selected as a Global Innovator to join the World Economic Forum’s Data for Common Purpose Initiative. 

The World Economic Forum’s participants are a select group of the world’s most promising businesses with cutting-edge models and new technologies which will pioneer and enable the global data economy. The World Economic Forum Global Innovators represent, inform, and influence public and private sector decision-makers by contributing new ideas, perspectives, and innovations that address long-term global concerns. 

The explosive growth of the worldwide data economy is a huge incentive for digitization of all forms of data. This has generated a critical demand for digital rights solutions as exemplified by the emergence of NFT type assets.

One Creation provides groundbreaking solutions to the rapidly growing need of data owners to maintain trusted control of their information as it is shared between users.  One Creation’s Decentralized Digital Rights Exchange Fabric (DDREF) provides tools to control, enforce and monetize data digital rights.  Built on sophisticated patented components and delivered through a Platform-as-a-Service application, enterprises can quickly integrate a powerful digital rights management fabric to protect their assets as they are deployed in the global data economy.

“Privacy is a social right and an opportunity”, added Zohar Hod, CEO of One Creation”, "Creation is changing the rules and giving control of data back to the owner.  We are honored to be selected and look forward to participating and contributing to the Forum’s pioneering work-streams under the Data for Common Purpose Initiative which is already in active progress around the world.  We will contribute deep practical knowledge and technical expertise to help advance the objectives of the program.”

“Active participation from everyone in the data economy can fuel innovation. Engagement must be encouraged through developing trust in the data-driven economy. Recent advances in technology required to solve data privacy issues, such as One Creation’s DDREF solutions, make it possible to accelerate the use of data while striking a balance that respects the rights of individual parties”, said Nadia Hewett, lead for the Data for Common Purpose Initiative (DCPI) at the World Economic Forum. “Building on the ongoing work from the Forum’s Data for Common Purpose Initiative (DCPI), we welcome One Creation’s participation to help develop forward-looking and trustworthy data frameworks to collaboratively make this all possible.”

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