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Unbox and One Creation to collaborate on global go-to-market strategy

October 31st, 2022

New York City (USA) – Washington DC (USA) – Antwerp (Belgium)

One Creation will use Unbox’s closed loops and Ucoin value carrier as a reward engine and wallet for their platform. Specifically, Unbox will be applied to their business-to-business (B2B) model which enables users to get rewarded for temporarily and conditionally sharing their personal data with 3rd parties to use for specific commercial objectives (personal data monetization).

To further guarantee the protection of user data and benefactor funding flows, Unbox will use One Creation’s military grade security and privacy solutions for its product roll-out occurring within hazardous and complex environments as well as in the context of ongoing defense and military applications for Unbox’s closed-loop systems.

Mr. Zohar HOD, CEO One Creation: “We are thrilled to embed Unbox’s rewards mechanism within the One Creation platform and toolkit. Having seen first-hand how effectively Unbox’ closed-loop systems incentivize set behaviors, I cannot wait to apply it to the field of data privacy in which consumers have shown time and again their lack of information and education on the value of their data and the rights they have towards it.”

Mr. Erik SAELENS, CEO Unbox: “One Creation’s deep expertise in privacy and cybersecurity comes at a great time for the flourishing amount of use cases Unbox is taking on in the defense and national security fields. Their embedded privacy platform will provide Unbox an incommensurable edge over bad actors and their threats over our users’ data.”

One Creation’s solution for privacy preservation achieves a secure and automated customer centric digital economy, putting control back into the hands of the owner. The platform seamlessly integrates into an organization’s authentication services and enforces personalized granular consents. Once data is collected, the platform dynamically enforces attribute level data authorization policies from the point of collection and throughout the data journey allowing customers to have full transparency of their data’s life cycle. With our Embedded Privacy Solution, organizations can reduce risk, gain better business insights, and increase their brand trust and ESG score.

Unbox’s closed loops are already used internationally by governments, NGOs, corporate clients, and small businesses. Notably, Unbox was tasked with distributing millions of Covid19 stimulus in Antwerp, the economic capital of Belgium. Using Unbox’s closed loop as a means of distribution resulted in an applied x1.81 multiplier effect to the amount invested by the city. The city also saved on auditing costs thanks to Unbox’s auditing mechanism which also does not require hiring any consultants or auditors.

About Unbox

Unbox is a purpose driven software company with a platform to reward positive behaviors, efficiently distribute and track value, cash-flows, and funding.

About One Creation

One Creation has an innovative offering that provides the platform and toolkits to control and enforce your data digital rights to monetize your valuable data. Our service is available to enterprises and individuals in all industry segments through a Platform-as-a-Service application and is built using sophisticated and patented components.

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