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International Diamond Exchange Online (IDEX) and One Creation Corporation are announcing a strategic partnership

September 9th, 2021

International Diamond Exchange Online (IDEX) and One Creation Corporation are announcing a strategic partnership jointly developing the online market data portal directly to the participants in the diamond industry.

The diamond trading platform IDEX Online is making its unique database of diamond prices available for the first time.

It will be made accessible via a portal to banks, financial institutions, investors, retailers, diamond traders and anyone else who needs a clear and accurate picture of this unique market behavior. The ground-breaking partnership with One Creation Corporation, specialists in data monetization, brings total transparency to a market that has traditionally been opaque.

IDEX (International Diamond Exchange Online) boasts big data on actual diamond transactions that is unrivalled in the industry. It has tracked the actual prices of the certified polished diamonds sold in the global wholesale market over the last 20 years. Its vast archive holds tens of millions of data points it has gathered on every possible category of diamond.

The One Creation Smart Contract based platform provides granular, attribute level rights enforcement so that IDEX subscribers to the new service will be able to set any parameters and only subscribe to a specific set of data points. For example, the indexed price of round polished 1.00-ct diamonds over the last 10 years.

Ehud D Cohen, CEO of IDEX said: “Never before has such a vast and authoritative collection of data on diamond prices been made available.  We are delighted to be able to offer it on a commercial basis and bring complete transparency to the global diamond market.” In the new data economy, IDEX Online are now able to support emerging diamond indices trends and real time prices to be used in exciting new financial instruments such as Diamond NFTs and Diamond ETFs. The unique combination of the physical diamond digitized data in addition to the uniqueness commodity itself provides a perfect platform for tokenized services."-- (

“One Creation’s DREAM™ technology (Digital Rights Enforcement and Management) is meeting an unfulfilled demand for an enterprise platform-as-a-service that allows companies to regain control, monetize, and seamlessly distribute data and digital rights through a decentralized secure data supply chain,” added Zohar Hod, CEO of One Creation. “We give control over data and rights back to the owner.” Hod continued that data governance, privacy and safety are quickly becoming key differentiators in enterprises’ appeal to consumers. The partnership with IDEX is a key step towards achieving these goals.

About IDEX

IDEX - International Diamond Exchange - is the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders located in the main diamond cities such as Antwerp, Mumbai, Ramat Gan and New York.  IDEX features online, live, supply listings with dynamic pricing features and a proprietary and unique online transaction clearing function (GDTTM). IDEX is a leader and innovator in diamond pricing products.  The widely used and followed IDEX Diamond Index has been published continuously since 2004 and is the first and oldest index based on actual listing data.  IDEX also publishes a widely followed diamond price benchmark and provides traders with online, real-time asking prices research tools.

About One Creation

One Creation was launched in 2019 as a solution to the rapidly growing need of data owners wanting more control of their information as it’s re-distributed in multiple ways to a broad audience of users. The explosive growth of the worldwide data economy, exacerbated by the global pandemic, is a huge incentive for digitization of all forms of data. This has generated a critical demand for digital rights solutions as exemplified by the emergence of NFT type assets. Various industry sectors have seen the inception of data integrators who collect and redistribute data, putting the creators of data at risk due to disintermediation from their ownership rights.

Press Contact:

One Creation Corporation

Felicia Repsher


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